Back in my college days at Bucknell University, the last two weeks of every August were spent at preseason water polo practices, six hours a day, seven days a week. I used to complain to friends and family back home about how much of a grind preseason was, but truthfully I loved (almost) every moment of it. There was something special about being on campus two weeks before other students arrived, a feeling that the school was open just for you. We would walk the grounds, eat our meals, and spend our free time in complete peace, able to soak in how truly lucky we were to attend such a beautiful school. And then, just as my teammates I would settle into our own private campus, freshman orientation would kick off, campus would fill up, and another school year would begin.

Those two weeks in August are a memory that I will never forget. A part of my college experience I'm reminded of every time I see our Bucknell shirt. That memory is what we are so proud to inspire at Uscape. College apparel should make you feel more than just pride, it should also elicit the emotion that comes with being a student, alumni, or fan.

What memories do your school's Uscape products create for you? We look forward to hearing and seeing on College Colors Day! For more information on how you can enter our photo contest visit and make sure to Rep YourSkyline on September 2nd!

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