We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Uscape Partnerships, a groundbreaking new program that will introduce exciting brands like LANDWAY and KNOWN SUPPLY to the college store market!

At Uscape , we strive to bring a unique combination of high quality products and design to college stores. We knew to take the next step and  and continue to raise the standard of college apparel beyond boring and generic offerings, we needed some help. That’s why we’re introducing the Uscape Partnerships. We’ve learned that college apparel is a relationship business. It takes a long time to build trust with licensing departments and to win the hearts and minds of students, sales reps, and store buyers. It’s difficult for brands that don’t have existing connections to break into the market. Uscape Partnerships will leverage our strong relationships with over 300 stores nationwide to introduce some of the coolest brands to passionate students, fans, and alumni. Through our partnerships, we’re building an ecosystem of dynamic brands to give the college market what it wants - a way to stand out from standard college apparel. You deserve to be anything but ordinary.

In today’s market, college stores are struggling to compete with big-box stores, viral direct-to-consumer brands, and omnichannel retailers if they don’t have a unique product offering and offer a great customer experience in-store and online. Uscape Partnerships is the beginning of a new era in college apparel. College stores shouldn’t be the last to get cool styles and apparel, they should be the first. Students are trend setters and demand high quality, ethically sourced, stylish products that are produced with a mission in mind. Forward looking stores understand that to remain relevant in the age of Amazon and Fanatics, their product lines need to change too. Our new partnerships with LANDWAY and KNOWN SUPPLY will allow our college stores to do just that. College stores have a special place in college communities, it’s time for them to shine again.





LANDWAY is a leading outerwear brand with the mission of promoting active lifestyles. The family-owned company got their start manufacturing for well-known outdoor retail brands in the U.S. nearly 30 years ago. With ownership of factories throughout Asia, LANDWAY delivers high-quality, ethically-made products at the best prices. We are excited to bring LANDWAY’s award-winning outdoor apparel to the college market, especially at retail prices you will love!


KNOWN SUPPLY is out to humanize the apparel industry by introducing you to the person who made your clothing. Behind every product is a person, and each KNOWN SUPPLY product is hand-signed by the woman who made it. Uscape is thrilled to partner with KNOWN SUPPLY to bring an unprecedented level of transparency to the college apparel market for the first time.  

Learn more: http://makers.knownsupply.com


We can’t wait to share more about our new partnerships in the coming weeks! Follow us on Instagram @UscapeApparel for all the latest on LANDWAY and KNOWN SUPPLY.


Are you a store, student, fan, or alumni interested in bringing one of our new partners to your school? Get in touch with us at lauren@uscapeapparel.com


Are you a brand that wants to learn more about Uscape Partnerships and join our ecosystem? EMAIL US We always love to hear from brands that are looking for new ways to reach the exciting college market. Let’s work together!

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