Natalie Klem (Miami Alum) and her homeroom classroom repping their Miami OH Skyline Shirts!

Natalie Klem (Miami Alum) and her homeroom classroom repping their Miami OH Skyline Shirts!

I’m excited to announce that Uscape Apparel has donated 200  Miami University  skyline shirts to LEAD Prep Southeast as part of the Uscape Gives Back initiative. LEAD Prep is a middle school in Nashville, Tennessee that is focused on ensuring 100% of its students graduate and attend college. The high school graduation rate and college attendance rate in the area that LEAD Preps serves is historically much lower than the national average.

Last month, the Miami University Trademarks and Licensing Department connected us with Natalie Klem, a 5th grade math teacher at LEAD Prep. Natalie is a proud graduate of Miami University and personally buys Miami gear each year to give to her students.

Although only in middle school, we want to encourage our students to dream about and plan for college so that it’s accessible to them should they want to attend.
— Natalie Klem (5th Grade Math Teacher at LEAD/ Miami Alum)

At LEAD Prep, students can pick from assorted college gear and apparel from the school store using merit points that they earn in class. In early August, Natalie contacted the Trademarks and Licensing Department to see if they could donate any Miami University apparel to the store. The Trademarks and Licensing Department knew about our Uscape Gives Back program and introduced us to Natalie. It’s great to have partners that believe in our efforts to give back. We’re proud to donate Miami University skyline shirts to LEAP Prep to help inspire the students and encourage them to work hard to achieve their goal of attending college. Go RedHawks, Love and Honor!


Since the start of 2015, a portion of the proceeds from every shirt we have sold has gone towards a shirt for someone in need that has a connection to the schools and local communities where we sell our apparel. This is the second donation we’ve made as part of the Uscape Gives Back program. You can read about our first donation near Bucknell University in this blog post. We’re currently looking for the next organization to donate to and welcome your suggestions. It’s important to us that we faithfully represent each one of our schools and that we help to make a difference as a company in our school communities. If you’re a student at a current school and want to donate sweatshirts near your university, please email Emily at