1)    Where can I buy Uscape Apparel gear for my school?

Uscape is currently sold at over 300 college bookstores/fan shops across the country! If your local bookstore does not carry Uscape Apparel, contact them HERE to tell them what they’re missing out on :)


2)    How do I get Uscape to come to my school?

Fill out a request form HERE and send a letter to your local bookstore HERE! Uscape was started by two college kids with a dream to change up the collegiate apparel game. We started with knocking on the door of a local store near Bucknell University. Today, we’re bringing great design to over 200 colleges and universities. The moral of the story, if you don’t ask, you don’t receive!


3)    How is Uscape sold?

We have awesome sales reps through Jardine Associates who work to bring Uscape to college bookstores and retail locations all across the country. Items are sold wholesale to bookstores and must be purchased through our retail partners.


4)    Can I custom order Uscape?

We can only create custom orders for organizations or events that are 144+ plus pieces. If you’re an apparel buyer interested in a custom Uscape design for your school or city, reach out to us HERE.


5)    Where are your PRODUCTS made?

 We take pride in our supply chain and regularly communicate with our suppliers to stay current on their certifications and processes. Most of our shirts are made from 100% USA cotton, with manufacturing taking place in Mexico and Honduras. Our headwear is sourced from Taiwan and China. All of our products are designed, printed and embroidered in the USA. More information about our supply chain partners can be found HERE.


6)    Does Uscape have an influencer program?

Uscape does not currently have a formal influencer program in place.